If you have one not covered here, feel free to send me a message!

Where are you located? I am based out of Oceanside, California but love all of San Diego and surrounding counties. I'm always up for an adventure so feel free to ask if you have a special vision in mind!  I love creative ideas!

How much is this going to cost? Photography is an investment - not only for yourself and the present but for your future generations. You can see pricing details here.

How do you describe your style? Most describe my style as dreamy and fine art. I love documenting moments artistically (but don't worry we will aim to get those "everyone look here and smile nicely at the camera" type of photo also.) and I LOVE a polished image which  is where my extensive experience with edting comes into play. I love polished edits - something future generations will treasure long past your ordinary snapshots.

How long will it take to receive our images? Your proof gallery will be sent to you 7-10 days after your session, and your finished image files are delivered about a week after you've made your images selections.

Do you use props? The lack of cars parked IN my 2 car garage should paint a good picture of my love for unique props and the amount of things I own. While most sessions are best documented in a minimalist fashion, for family or milestone sessions I'll usually bring along a chair, crate or fun prop the little ones can sit on/in! Cakesmash sessions get a full set up perfectly coordinated to match your theme, so lots of props come out for those!

Do you provide the dresses for your maternity sessions? YES! I take pride in having an extensive (100+) high end collection to provide my maternity clients, which gives you one less thing to worry about! You can see those here!

Where will our session take place? Do you have a studio?  Typically sessions take place outdoors. (or in the clients home for lifestyle sessions) There is no shortage of breathtaking locations in our very own backyard, so we will go explore! I spend A LOT of time scouting locations for my clients and have an extensive list of options for you to choose from! While some locations work better than others,  I love discovering new places so if you have a spot that is special to your family, that will make your session that much more special!

What type of gear do you use? I'm a Canon girl!  I use a Canon Mark III camera and a variety of pro series Canon lenses. The  135 f1.4 L lens is probably my favorite, while the 85 f\1.8 is my most used! Several other lenses always come with me to make sure I'm well equiped to document every moment perfectly! I have backup gear for both my camera body and lenses (as any professional should!)  Your session is important and we can't always trust technology with your precious, once in a lifetime moments!

Are you licensed and insured? OF COURSE! This isn’t just a fun hobby with a fancy camera - I take my business seriously and take taken all the legal measures!

What if i'm not photogenic? Believe it or not, I hear that very line all too often before/during most sessions, and it never turns out to be true! None of my clients you see in my portfolio are models. Not a single one. They too rocked the mom bun the morning of their session, spent way too many hours (and countless trips back to Target!) trying to piece together the perfect outfits, and possibly dealt with a partner that may have been less than thrilled with the idea of photos. I guide all of my clients thru their sessions, and I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve to make you look fabulous! When you’re having a great time, you’ll look more beautiful than you thought was possible. I promise!

What should we wear to our session?  Don’t worry, I got that covered! You can find lots off styling ideas and tips here, plus styling is part of my session planning so i’ll help every step of the way!

What if my kids don't cooperate? I love getting to know my clients’ kids, even the ones who are shy/stubborn/you name it! I always approach the session as a new friend who’s just there to play and have a good time. I have all the patience in the world, and I find that being easy-going translates to happy kiddos. That being said, not every moment of the session is perfect, and that’s totally OK — in fact, it’s encouraged! In 10 years, I’m willing to bet that you’ll cherish the image of your toddler crying fake tears just as much as the one that we took 10 seconds later of him happily running toward the camera. My goal is to capture the personalities of the kids in front of my lens, including all of the beautiful quirks, details, and small moments that make up childhood. More often than not, kids are a million times more cooperative for a stranger than their own parents, so don't stress it! I have 2 little ones myself which has prepared me to work thru whatever may come! 

What can  I do to help our session go well? The BEST thing you can do is to RELAX! I know it’s hard not to be stressed before your session, but little ones (and husbands too!) pick up on anxiety really easily. We’ll have the best chance at getting beautiful images if we let them happen naturally (with a little guidance from me, of course!) I want your pictures to be amazing and will do all the hard work for you! Your only job is to have fun!

Ok, I'm ready to book? What's next? I can't wait to work with you and start to plan for your session. Message me here , then you’ll be able to sign your contract and submit your session retainer (a retainer is due upon booking to reserve your date, and the remainder is due on the day of your session.)